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Samsung unveil usb usb flash drive production process in the first half of 2012

Samsung unveil usb usb flash drive production process in the first half of 2012

Samsung overcome the physical bottleneck, will be in the first half of 2012 into 1x nm NAND Flash volume production level. The process will be manufacturing  capacity of 64 GB MicroSD memory card. Samsung 2010 to 30 nm 32 GB NAND Flash manufacturing Micro SD card, in May 2011 the first measure to 20 more in level  nm NAND Flash manufacturing Class10 32 GB MicroSD card.

Recent high order action device number increasing gradually, high capacity MicroSD card to the demand is also rising, but by 20 nm NAND Flash manufacturing  level capacity of 64 GB memory card is difficult, research and development and to the nanometer level processing techniques become urgent tasks.

Samsung comprehensive technology research and development of the 1x nm level, not just a new miniature process, SouthKorea industry thinks, to 20 nm level  process so far, can improve the Cell structure, with new material, development efficiency and product such as Cell layer to the purpose of miniature; However  to 10 to the nanometer level process began, process miniature technology has already is different time yuan, and need quite a large investment, this also is  not easily turn into 10 semiconductor industry nanoscale process factors.

In addition, the memory giant Toshiba and SanDisk in the first half of 2011, will launch with 19 nanometer process technologyto create the 64 GB flash  memory the product, and says the plan is beginning in July 2011 volume production, but at present the product is still not officially listed.